Razer Announces OSVR, its Own VR Platform and Headset for $200, and it’s Open Source

Razer Announces OSVR, its Own VR Platform and Headset for $200, and it’s Open Source

At CES Razer announced that it has jumped on the bandwagon of Virtual Reality, but as you could expect from the company, they did it in their own peculiar way.

Created in collaboration with Sensics and other industry leading manufacturers and developers, OSVR is completely open source both in the hardware and software sides.

You can simply download the schematics and files to 3D print and build your own VR headset from the official site, or you can buy one for $199.99, with shipment expected in June.

The software and development tools are open source and free as well, and they’re based on the same license type as Android. At the moment they support Windows, Linux and Android.

Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan accompanied the announcement with a statement:

Gaming is moving towards the virtual reality platform and this poses huge benefits and challenges to gamers at every level. OSVR brings game developers, gamers and hardware manufacturers together to solve those challenges and make virtual reality gaming a reality for the masses.

Sensics CEO Yuval Boger also commented:

OSVR’s open-platform approach accelerates innovation and provides consumers the freedom of choosing the best combination of hardware and software components. We are excited to partner with Razer and other industry leaders to build OSVR together.”

Below you can see a few picture of the Hacker Dev kit, which is the rather peculiar name given to the headset, and a video presentation released by Razer.