Razer Announce High-Performance Wifi Router Designed for Gaming, Streaming and Downloading

Razer has released the Razer Sila, a high-performance WiFi router which allows users a reliable WiFi connection within their home or office

on October 4, 2018 10:40 AM

Gaming hardware giants Razer has announced their very own high-performance WiFi router designed for use around the home. The Razer Sila is specially optimized for high-performance gaming, streaming and downloading multimedia content in which the company proclaim it “Delivers best-in-class speeds and interference-free connection in even the busiest WiFi areas”

With the demand these days even greater than before on faster speeds and lag-free gaming, Razer has tapped into the plea’s of gamers and content creators everywhere in making the Razer Sila into something special. Featuring technologies designed to give gamers the fastest, most reliable WiFi connection within their home or office with Razer FasTrack, Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS and Mesh capability with a dedicated backhaul.

If you’re wondering what FasTrack is then let me fill you in. It is basically a software feature which allows the user to manage traffic based on application and device types, from mobile phones and smart TVs through to laptops, PCs or consoles. Users can also tweak their networks for better gaming and streaming experiences. The FasTrack feature also allows for a one-touch gaming mode which automatically reserves bandwidth for online gaming.

Exploring some of the features on the Razer Sila:

Razer FasTrack – Intelligent continuously adaptive QoS with Deep Packet Inspection prioritizes applications & devices for high-speed gaming & streaming

Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS – Get additional bandwidth on protected fast channels for reliable, interference-free, lag-free connections

Tri-Band Mesh with Dedicated Backhaul – For widespread coverage with maximum performance

Intelligent Active Steering – Ensures client devices are always connected to the strongest signal

App and Smart Software Support – iOS & Android app with advanced features for guest network & security controls

The Razer Sila is available to purchase now from the official Razer website with a price of $249.99 / €299.99

You can check out some pictures of the Razer Sila in all its glory below:

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