Overwatch and Razer Pair Up for This Ridiculous (and Awesome) Lúcio-Inspired Headset

Overwatch and Razer Pair Up for This Ridiculous (and Awesome) Lúcio-Inspired Headset

Razer and Lúcio make for a pretty nice match.

The Razer Nari Ultimate Headset is already great, and today it got a little bit better with this Overwatch-themed re-skin. With this release, you’ll be able to look just like Lúcio, everyone’s favorite support hero and DJ. They won’t come cheap though: a standard Razer Nari Ultimate costs $199.99, and this Lucio-inspired set costs $229.99.

DualShockers has reviewed the Razer Nari Ultimate. As you’d expect from a high-end company like Razer, the headset performs very well. From a practical standpoint, nothing has changed here. It’s still full-sized, still features Razer’s Hypersense haptic technology, and still very comfy.

However, this release definitely looks different. You’ll notice Lúcio’s frog-logo on the outside of the earcup as well as a substantial helping of the blues, yellows, and greens associated with the character. In typical Razer fashion, the set looks simultaneously cool and also a little obnoxious. I’m into it.

My favorite part about the release, though, are the goofy lines on the product page. For instance: “As a support hero, Lúcio excels in keeping his teammates in prime, fighting condition during long battles. Similarly, this headset aims to keep you at your best during Overwatch marathons.” Razer’s marketing has always been a little cringe-inducing, and I’m happy to see that this trend continues.

If you can’t get enough Lúcio in your life, Razer is also featuring the character on their Goliathus mouse mat. Once again, Razer knocks their marketing out of the park: “Boost your gameplay by pairing your mouse with a slick, micro-textured cloth surface woven for speed and precision—a reflection of the iconic skates Lúcio cruises around the map on.” Good enough, Razer.