Razer Announces First Mobile Phone, Official Release Date Revealed

Razer Announces First Mobile Phone, Official Release Date Revealed

Razer's first high-end smartphone for gamers will launch later this month and includes an exciting design, a competitive price, and powerful hardware.

Razer has announced they will be entering the smartphone market this year with the Razer Phone.

The Razer Smart Phone is an Android smartphone that offers a 5.72-inch 1440×2560 IGZO display,  120Hz refresh rate, variable refresh rate technology, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM, 64GB of storage as well as a microSD slot, which can hold up to 2TB of additional storage space. Additionally, the device includes dual front-facing speakers (powered by Dolby Atmos technology), double rear 12 MP cameras, a fingerprint reader, 8 MP front camera, and a 4,000 mAh battery with Qualcomm QuickCharge 4.0+. According to Razer, that’s enough battery life for 12.5 hours of video playback or a seven-hour Hearthstone binge.

When you compare the specifications, the Razer Phone’s hardware is on par with some of Androids best phones. But one of the biggest selling points is the set is the 120Hz screen, a feature typically found in gaming monitors and a first for a smartphone. While this is a huge leap for not only mobile gaming and smartphones alike, Razer has stated that this is not a true “gaming phone.”

Nevertheless, the company has said that the phone was designed for gamers by focusing on features that appeal to gamers, not by specifically designing a phone for gaming especially PC gamers who appreciate powerful hardware as well as fans of existing Razer products like their Blade gaming laptops. Personally, I enjoy the design of the phone — the 8GB of RAM offers less time for users to download apps as well as exiting out of them and the long battery life is great for anyone who is always on their phone.

Currently, the Razer Phone is available for pre-order for $799 and is scheduled to be released on November 17 in North America and Europe. Check out some screenshots of the product below: