Razer Announces Pro-Grade USB Microphone Seiren Elite

Razer has announced a new microphone - the Seiren Elite, which allows content creators and streamers to focus more on producing high-quality content.
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Gaming manufacturer Razer has announced its latest peripheral – the Razer Seiren Elite, a USB microphone, aimed at streamers who strive to produce high production value audio sound.

According to the press release, the Seiren Elite was built around a single dynamic capsule design, which allows the sound quality that is on par with audio recorded from high-end production gear. The Seiren Elite also features a built-in headphone amplifier, as well as a high-pass filter to thwart low-frequency vibrations.

While these features are impressive, to say the least (especially given the product’s current price), the most significant selling-point that the Serien Elite offers is its overall simplicity. Meaning all you will have to do is unbox the product, plug it into a USB port and you’re all set, without having to toy with the configuration settings from an amplifier or mixer; allowing content creators and streamers alike to focus more on producing high-quality content instead of having to worry whether or not the sound your mic is producing is adequate.

Currently, the Razer Seiren Elite microphone is available now for $199.99 worldwide as well as on the official Razer store. For additional information on the new piece of hardware, you can check out a few screenshots of the microphone, as well as its 30-second launch trailer.


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