The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Is Their Take on the Xbox One Elite Controller

Razor's new controller has an interesting design, unique features, and a funny name.
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Razer’s New Controller Is Their Own Take on Microsoft’s PC/Xbox One Elite Controller

Razer announced that they are creating their equivalent to the Xbox One Elite. The new controller will be available next month for $159.99, compatible with PC and Xbox One.

Much like its counterpart, the “Razor Wolverine Ultimate” features three interchangeable analog sticks, two changeable D-pads, and six remappable buttons on the back. According to the manufacturer, you can map the buttons by using either the Xbox One Razer app, Synapse or the on-the-fly controls that are located on the controller.

But that’s not all; the product also includes Razer’s Chroma Lighting system, meaning owners can customize the controller to display 16.8 million different colors as well as various optional effects to make your controller stand out from the rest. Additionally, the item will support Chroma SDK, which according to Razer will allow game developers to apply the lighting for Xbox One games. It is unknown which game(s) will support the feature.

The controller will also include a carrying-case, a 10-foot braided micro-USB cable, and a 3.5mm audio jack for the headset as well as sound controls, which will allow you to access the mute and volume features.

You can check out the full list of specs and features here as well as screenshots of the controller below this article.

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