Razer’s Viral Marketing a Bit Scary

Razer’s Viral Marketing a Bit Scary

Razer USA, best known for their gaming equipment for PC’s, has launched a viral marketing campaign that is set to be fully revealed on August 26, 2011. The campaign addresses the growing idea that PC gaming has sort of faded away with the growing popularity of consoles. Razer has even directly aimed their campaign toward the three leading consoles, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. Here is what they said:

To Our Friends Xbox, PlayStation and Wii,

We have all heard the rhetoric about the demise of PC Gaming — the stories that console gaming will take over all gaming and that PC gamers will be left with shoddy ports of console titles.

The rumors of our untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated. We are more than 300 million PC gamers worldwide and this legion is growing every day. Today there are more PC gamers than all console gamers combined and we have been silent in the face of closed gaming systems that have been propegated.

We, the PC Gamers, have been here since the beginning and have seen the industry grow to surpass movies and music, and we look forward to an open world where console and PC gamers will stand side by side as gamers in arms.

We are here today to tell you, that on the 26th of August, we will seek to end the silence and bring a new age of openness and innovation to all gaming. Together we shall remind you — that PC Gaming is NOT dead.



For PC Gamers of the world

So what’s going on here? What does Razer have in store for us on August 26th?  Your guess is as good as mine. You can check out the countdown page for yourself by clicking here. Just a warning though…the page is a little creepy, but that’s probably because I have always found ominous voices very creepy. See you August 26th!