Re: Sharin no Kuni Kickstarter Reaches Goal: Hopes to Upgrade To Physical Vita Version

Re: Sharin no Kuni Kickstarter Reaches Goal: Hopes to Upgrade To Physical Vita Version

We’ve covered the crowdfunding efforts for Re: Sharin no Kuni before but it seems like Tokyo Otaku Mode is doubling their efforts to appeal to hardcore fans. In a recent update, the company announced that they would be getting physical versions of the vita release if the $120,000 stretch goal was met. This port will be handled by an unnamed Japanese company that is ‘experienced with developing for all of Sony’s platforms’. The actual physical copies would be published and manufactured by Limited Run Games who have had no shortage of experience with dealing with the Vita platform.

The good news is that the moving visual novel has already met its $80,000 USD goal sitting at just under $87,000 USD. This means that the game will be localized into English (keeping the Japanese voice acting) for the PC. $30 USD lands backers a digital copy whereas $40 USD delivers a physical copy. If the Vita stretch goal is met, supporters of these tiers will be able to choose between the PC version and the handheld version. Unfortunately the digital copy will only be available in North America for the PSN port.

For those unfamiliar with the game, the tale follows the opportunistic Kenichi as he tries to climb to the position of ‘Special Elite’ within a dystopian society. In this world, criminals are imposed with special rules (so called ‘duties’) based on their lawbreaking ways. These include strange sentences such as not being able to grow up or not being able to fall in love.

Kenichi arrives at a small rural school to interact with some of these duty bound students and to pass an exam for the Special Elite. Through his interactions with these female ‘criminals’, you will make friends, find love, and uncover the dark truths of this restrictive society.

The campaign page goes into great detail about the depth and emotional impact of Re: Sharin no Kuni. They refer to the writing as ‘masterful’ and promise unexpected plot twists and a mind blowing ending. The fact that this visual novel is rated up there with Clannad and Muv-Luv makes me intrigued about the narrative of the game. It also sounds like Tokyo Otaku Mode will be treating the translation as a serious piece of work done by those that understand the complexities of the tale. It sounds like all involved is very passionate about this visual novel.

As someone who still finds joy in playing his Vita (and getting too many cartridges from Limited Run) I’m hopeful that Re: Sharin no Kuni will reach the its first stretch goal. It’s always nice to see people continue to use Sony’s handheld while also supporting the visual novel genre. You have until Dec 22 at 2:59am to support this campaign.