Visual Novel Re: Sharin no Kuni Gets Kickstarter With New Tiers and 18+ Details

Visual Novel Re: Sharin no Kuni Gets Kickstarter With New Tiers and 18+ Details

Tokyo Otaku Mode has relaunched the Kickstarter for the Akabeisoft2 developed visual novel Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shōjo (Wheel Country, Sunflower Girl), published by Frontwing.

The original campaign was originally met with skepticism from fans in the visual novel community for asking for too high of a goal and irrelevant tiers. The company decided to go back to the drawing board and communicate with fans to produce a new Kickstarter with new tiers and lower goal of $80,000.

Additionally, the company created a FAQ concerning the 18+ version of the game. Evidently, the game will contain mosaics in the adult version of the game in order to  “leave all of the CG in their original form”. Since this Kickstarter was originally for the console version of the game.

You can read the FAQ post below:

Q.You said the 18+ patch would be free to all Kickstarter backers. Does this apply even if I only donate, for example, $1 to the campaign?

A.Our apologies for the inconcise wording. To clarify, only contributions with a reward tier selected, or a donation of $20 or more, will be eligible to receive the free patch. Donation-only contributions under $20 will not be eligible. In other words, if you purchase the game through the campaign, you’ll receive the patch for free. The patch wouldn’t be very useful if you don’t have the game!

Q.Will the physical version of the game include the 18+ content on-disc?

A.Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer physical copies of the 18+ version of the game. There are a few factors behind this, including the fact that adult goods are not allowed to be sold on Kickstarter (the 18+ patch is being offered for free, not as a paid reward), and the fact that many countries prohibit importing adult goods. Additionally, the main aim of this project is to create a localization of the console version of Sharin no Kuni, which also did not contain any sexually explicit scenes.

Q. Will there be a standalone 18+ version of the game?

A. Yes, we WILL BE releasing a standalone 18+ version of the game alongside the Steam version and 18+ patch. However, we are still working out the details of how we will be able to offer this version to Kickstarter backers. We will post that information here as soon as it has been decided, so please keep an eye on this page and our Twitter for updates.