RE8 Trophy Guide – How to Unlock the Lucky Number 7 Achievement

Here’s how you can acquire exactly 777 Lei for the sought after Lucky Number 7 trophy.

Resident Evil Village has now been out for a whole week already with many fans completing the game in one sitting due to its relatively short 10-12 hour playthrough.

Among the werewolves and other creatures that go bump in the night, RE8 is littered with trophies. Many of them aren’t too hard to achieve but there are a couple that could prove just as tricky as running from that *thing* in House Benevento.

Resident Evil Village – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Resident Evil Village – Announcement Trailer | PS5

If you’re struggling a bit with unlocking the Lucky Number 7 trophy, we have your back.

How to get exactly 777 Lei in Resident Evil Village and receive the trophy

Firstly, finish the main game on whatever difficulty you have chosen as it won’t affect receiving the trophy. Once you have done that, and before starting a brand new NG+ game, go into the menu of the CP bonus store and purchase the WCX Assault Rifle for 3,000 Lei.

Start a new NG+ game and when you come across the Duke before heading into the Castle, the WCX will be there for you to pick up at his shop.

This will then unlock the Rifle Ammo Recipe for purchase, which allows players to craft ammo for the WCX but make sure you craft quite a lot of it, 111 to be exact. To craft these bullets, make sure you pick up as much Rusted Scrap, Chem Fluid and Metal Scrap as you can.

Go into the Duke’s shop and spend every penny you have until you have nothing left (yes, I’m being serious) and this is where the magic happens. Each bullet you crafted can be sold for 7 Lei so when you sell them onto the Duke, you will have exactly 777 in your pocket, thus unlocking the trophy.

Resident Evil Village is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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