RE8 Varcolac Alfa Guide – Where to Find and How to Beat the Werewolf Boss

By Rachael Fiddis

May 10, 2021

Here’s how you can uncover and kill that giant werewolf in the Village.

The next instalment into Resident Evil‘s murky world has finally arrived and with it comes a host of unforgiving monsters and horrific creatures that really don’t need the shadows of the night to lurk in. They will find you regardless.

Throughout your journey in RE8, you will come across puzzles, unique locations, treasures and boss fights. Although many won’t offer the player a huge challenge, there are some that can be a little tricky especially when you’re scared stiff!

Resident Evil Village – Announcement Trailer | PS5

Resident Evil Village – Announcement Trailer | PS5

If you want to hunt down the hideous and powerful Varcolac Alfa and put an end to its miserable life, here’s how you can do it.

Where to Find the Werewolf Boss, Varcolac Alfa

Once you have fought the grotesque Moreau and completed everything in that chapter, Heisenberg will then ask Ethan to meet him at the Stronghold but before you make your way there, head to the Fallow Plot area on the map, near Luiza’s home.

There you will find where the huge Varcolac Alfa mindlessly roams looking for its next meal. Obviously, due to the size of this beast, you don’t want to take out your pistol and start shooting it. That won’t cut it and you’ll need some serious stopping power to bring it to its knees so plan out wisely beforehand.

How to Kill the Werewolf Boss, Varcolac Alfa

Once the werewolf spots you, it’s game on. Personally, I found that using a combination of a few mines, the grenade launcher and the M1851 Wolfsbane works a treat and will kill the werewolf in a short space of time.

Once Varcolac Alfa is hit with a mine, it will try and catch its breath making this the perfect opportunity to lay in a blast of the grenade launcher and a few shots of the Wolfbane Magnum.

Depending on what difficulty you have chosen, on casual you shouldn’t need any more than two mines including the firepower in-between. Once dead, you’ll have unlocked and be granted the Leader of the Pack trophy for your troubles.

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