RE8 - Who is Heisenberg and His Voice Actor Neil Newbon?

You probably don't want to say his name loudly enough in the Village.

By Soham Rane

May 7, 2021

RE8 is finally here and so is its engineering genius mutant human, Karl Heisenberg.

Resident Evil Village, or RE8, continues to grow across the gaming world and for good reasons.

After its initial success following its first reveal, the game grows in presence and critical acclaim. One of its coolest features is its wide roster of characters, one of which is Heisenberg.

Read more to learn about one of their main mystery man, Karl Heisenberg, and who his voice actor is.

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Resident Evil Village – 2nd Trailer

Resident Evil Village – 2nd Trailer

Who Is Heisenberg In RE8?

A resident of an Eastern European country, Karl Heisenberg is a mutant human who is also the patriarch of the Heisenberg family. He’s an engineering genius who inherited the Heisenberg’s Factory located outside the village.

He serves Mother Miranda with the other three major houses in the mountain ranges, namely the noble Beneviento, Moreau, and Dimitrescu families. They maintained an alliance for control of the region even with his and Alcina Dimitrescu’s dislike for each other, because of his doubtful loyalty towards Miranda.

What Powers Does Heisenberg Have In RE8?

Heisenberg has regenerative abilities whose mutation gave him electric organs. This allows him to control magnetic fields which control metallic objects in the game.

Heisenberg also can manifest scraps of himself which turn him almost robot-like and is considered the strongest among the 4 lords.

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Who Is The Voice Actor Of Heisenberg In RE8?

Voice actor Neil Newbon, who has earlier voiced Nicholai Ginovaef in Resident Evil 3, lends his voice to Karl Heisenberg in RE8. He’s also a part of Baldur’s Gate III and Detroit: Become Human and has played Rob’s role in Jurassic Island.

Neil Newbon studied with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain with Giles Foreman at GFCA. He is based in London and Los Angeles and continues to work in Film, TV, Theatre, and Computer Games.

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