Poetic and Breathtaking Trailer Reveals Reaching for Petals, A Purely Story-Driven Experience

Poetic and Breathtaking Trailer Reveals Reaching for Petals, A Purely Story-Driven Experience

Developer Blue Entropy Studios announces a narrative exploration game titled Reaching for Petals with a breathtakingly gorgeous trailer.

Today, independent developer Blue Entropy Studios officially revealed its upcoming story-driven title, Reaching for Petals. A reveal trailer has accompanied the game’s announcement.

In Reaching for Petals, the player relives the main character’s memories, exploring multiple chapters of his/her life through moments of love, loss, and ambition. The developer also notes that the player will experience all of this in “a desolated world full of mystery.”

The game’s reveal trailer displays a truly stunning world and a voice-over that sounds equal parts depressing and filled with thematic relevance, perfectly matching the developer’s assertion that it has created a poetic adventure for players to inhabit.

Blue Entropy Studios is calling Reaching for Petals a “purely story-driven experience.” That choice of language, coupled with the trailer (seen below) gives the impression that the game will be what is more commonly, albeit less lovingly, referred to as a ‘walking simulator.’ Of course, players of this genre also know they tend to be some of the most rewarding experiences both visually and narratively, something not lost on the title’s developer. Blue Entropy Studios notes that the game will feature everything players might expect from it.

Reaching for Petals combines dynamic music, breathtaking visuals, and interactive choices to tell an engaging and heartfelt story.”

Blue Entropy Studios has previously been responsible for various VR experiences since 2016, but the team has also been working on Reaching for Petals since that time. Although they have only developer PC titles up to this point, the team looks forward to console development in the future.

Reaching for Petals is currently in development and being powered by Unreal Engine 4. The game is scheduled for a Steam release sometime later this summer. For more information on the game, the Steam page created for it. You will find the reveal trailer provided below.