How Can You Get A Reactive Camo In Warzone? New COD Leak

Here's how you can get the new reactive camo!

There’s finally a Reactive Camo in Warzone! With Season Two of Cold War and Warzone underway, there’s been plenty of leaks, rumours, and speculation about where Warzone is headed next. One of the many leaks revolves around the new reactive camos coming to Warzone. Thanks to the infamous Call of Duty leaker @ColdWarLeakzV2, we got a great look at a stunning blueprint weapon set to be released during Season Two. Check out the tweet and leaked blueprint below!

New Leaked Tracer Pack: NecroKing Mastercraft Bundle

The tracer packs have become must-have items since the release of Modern Warfare and Warzone. One of the latest tracer packs will be called ‘NecroKing’ and features one of the most out there looking camos to date. The new blueprint weapon is a KRIG-6 Assault Rifle and appears to have a dragon style skin. The blueprint attachments for the upcoming weapon are:

  • SOCOM Eliminator (Muzzle)
  • 19.7″ Takedown (Barrel)
  • Raider Stock (Stock)
  • 45 Rnd Speed Mag (Ammunition)
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap (Rear Grip)

This won’t be the only new weapon featured in the tracer bundle, as the M60 Light Machine Gun will also be available. The attachments that come with the blueprint haven’t been confirmed as of writing.

There will be eight items in total in this Mastercraft Bundle and will cost players two thousand four hundred COD points. The included items are:

  • Ice Drake (Weapon)
  • Cold Spear (Weapon)
  • Dragon Claw (Charm)
  • Dead Sled (Vehicle Skin)
  • Frozen Waste (Calling Card)
  • Necro King (Sticker)
  • Necromancer (Watch)
  • Climactic (Vehicle Horn)

You can check out the tweet below that features the new leaked bundle coming during Season Two, the leak comes courtesy of @CODTracker.

How To Get A Reactive Camo

The Reactive Camos have made a comeback with the launch of Season Two in Cold War and Warzone. Reactive Camos originally featured in Black Ops 4 and fans are excited to get their hands on them again.

You can unlock a Reactive Camo for the new FARA-83 Assault Rifle by reaching Tier 95 in the Season Two Battle Pass. This unique camo changes as you rack up kills and becomes a deep red colour when you’ve got enough kills.

This is the only way to get your hands on a Reactive Camo as of writing, but keep your eyes on the Store as it’s likely new bundles will include blueprint guns with Reactive Camos.

New Camos Coming To Warzone And Cold War

Throughout the course of Season Two, it looks like there’s going to be a whole lot of new bundles for players to pick up in the store. You can check out the full list of known bundles coming at CodTracker.

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