Read Marvel Comics On Your PSP

on August 18, 2009 5:40 PM

We’re evolving to an age where paper is becoming obsolete.  Aside from the fact that we can’t use digital toilet paper crafted from nanobots that will probably cause insane itching of the ass, mediums of entertainment -such as music, books, and movies – are now becoming part of the paperless coup that is slowly taking over traditional things like loose leaf paper and Post-its.  And it sure as hell isn’t stopping anytime soon… which is a good thing in this case.

At Sony’s GamesCom press conference today in Cologne, Germany, both Sony and Marvel revealed that “hundreds” of comics will be available to read on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).  Those of you sucking your teeth can go to hell, kind of.  Yes I know that owning the physical product is far better than digitally owning it – especially because digital products like online comics will be worth as much as roadkill. But look at the bright side.  You won’t have to carry around twenty comics in a bag to shy away the girls on the train.  You can now look all cool and future-like rocking a PSP and reading your favorite comics out of the measly hundred Sony and Marvel will be offering.  Oh, wait.  Girls think dudes that play video games are lame too.  Nevermind the last thing I said.

I know you’re interested in seeing what this “comic book on the PSP” thing looks like so just proceed, my impatient friends, onward.

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