Read the Best Twitter Replies to Nintendo of America's President

When Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, better known on the Twittersphere as #Regginator, took to the social networking service to promote Nintendo Direct’s new features, followers of the company’s Twitter stream responded enthusiastically. Topics of followers’ replies ranged from localization of Xenoblade to localization of The Last Story and, well, it’s pretty safe to say there’s one major thing The Big N’s North American customer base really wants.

Fils-Aime first started tweeting with the #Regginator hashtag Oct. 21 and fans began responding with requests for localization pretty much immediately. The steady stream of replies has slowed to a trickle, but there are still plenty of gems to behold. Hit the jump for some of the best tweets from Nintendo fans. Disclaimer: None of these tweets have been edited. They’re not NSFW or anything, they just don’t have the greatest spelling and/or grammar.

@Zezzler is losing faith in Reggie’s kickass claims:
“#Regginator You better give us Xenoblade! If you don’t, I won’t believe that you really do kick ass nor take names.”

@ShotupSpeako only cares about the children:
“Please say that Calcio Bit 3DS is coming over here. Do it, #Regginator. Make the Children happy.”

@alex_navarro (former GameSpot editor) takes cyber-stalking to a whole new level (and dimension):
“I also look forward to recording your family. RT @NintendoAmerica #Regginator: Look fwd to recording 3D vids of my family this holiday. You?”

@kobunheat (Wired‘s Chris Kohler) is taking matters into his own hands:
“@NintendoAmerica Dear #Regginator: I am going to make a 3D movie version of Xenoblade.”

@7efnawi thinks he has the physical capacity to handle Xenoblade:
#Regginator: xenoblade dude! Our bodies are ready! Also level 5’s fantasy life.”

Thanks to Destructoid for the tip. Click here for a realtime feed of #Regginator tweets. What would you say?

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