Read up on Some Final Fantasy XIII-2

Read up on Some Final Fantasy XIII-2

Interested in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 lore? Well a couple of books will be coming out in Japan later this year.

A Post Card Book will come out on December 15 and contain CG illustrations featuring all the characters of the game: 24 post cards to be exact, with complimentary character introductions and the book will be priced at ¥1,260. A more proper book will also get released, titled Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before and priced at  ¥1,470. The novel will have different stories centered on the different protagonists.

  • Serah: Memories of the year AF0.
  • New Bodhum: A story of the year AF3.
  • Snow: The story of his departure.
  • Rygdea & Bartholomew: The creation of a provisional government, and the secret history of the founding of the Academy.
  • Noel: The end of the world, a period of uncertainty.

It will be out the same day as the game in Japan, and written by Jun Eishima with supervision by Motomu Toriyama and Daisuke Watanabe.