Ready for a New Kirby Game and Snack Trucks?

Ready for a New Kirby Game and Snack Trucks?

Are you ready for more Kirby for Nintendo DS? Well Nintendo wants to make sure you are, because before its launch on September 19th, Nintendo will sending out Kirby Mass Attack snack trucks to select cities! A new Kirby game and free snacks? I’m in.


These snack trucks will be delivering frozen fruit treats, and participating cities will also allow fans to get hands-on demos of the Kirby Mass Attack days before the general public. Check out the tour schedule and see if you’ll be able to catch one of these snack trucks!:

  • Sept. 14: Rockefeller Plaza, New York City
  • Sept. 14-15: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Sept. 16-18: Upper Kirby neighborhood, Houston

I will be making the New York City event, so I hope to see everyone who can make it there! Also remember that Kirby Mass Attack is arriving for Nintendo DS not 3DS, so enjoy your DS some more while you still can!