ReadySet Heroes Announced for PS4 during State of Play Livestream

ReadySet Heroes is the latest from the developers of Orcs Must Die! and features both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for play.

March 25, 2019

ReadySet Heroes, a new action RPG from Robot Entertainment was announced during Sony’s State of Play livestream for PlayStation 4 today.

This cooperative and competitive action RPG features anthropomorphic animals wielding swords and shields or magic to fight AI enemies or each other depending on what mode you’ve chosen. Up to four players can play together with the competitive mode taking place in Battle Arenas, closed off sections that force everyone to duke it out in a timed top-kills win mode. Another mode is called Snail Race in which each player has a color-coded snail that they have to protect to ensure it reaches the finish line first. When playing by yourself or cooperatively ReadySet Heroes is a dungeon crawling, loot-based RPG with various environmental hazards and many enemies to whack.


ReadySet Heroes comes from Robot Entertainment, developers of the Orcs Must Die! series as well as: Hero Academy and Hero Academy 2, Age of Empires Online, and Echo Prime. They are well versed in the action RPG genre and ReadySet Heroes seems to keep the same whimsical nature of Orcs Must Die!

You can view the brief announcement trailer below, and if you’re early can still see the description beginning with the placeholder text: “Video Description (30 word minimum):” Can’t say I’ve never accidentally published something similar when going live. Currently there is no word if ReadySet Heroes will be coming to other platforms and has a release window of 2019.

ReadySet Heroes taps into classic couch multiplayer action featuring fast-paced, dungeon crawling! Team up with a friend and battle through a random dungeon filled with monsters and traps. Collect tons of loot to power up your character and fight in a winner-take-all arena brawl!

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