Real Boxing Uppercuts Its Way to the Playstation Vita This August

Real Boxing Uppercuts Its Way to the Playstation Vita This August

If you ever wanted to box on the go, Vivid Games’ Real Boxing may be the game you’ve always wanted.

Real Boxing makes use of the Unreal Engine 3 to create detailed boxers, designed from the laces up to be as realistic as possible. As a simulation boxing game, each uppercut, jab, and hook have been motion captured to realistically portray the moves in the game, and uses both the Vita’s physical and touch controls to let the punches fly. Real Boxing is also supposed to have real-time deformation technology, which portrays the fighters’ facial injuries while you fight.


Real Boxing follows your boxer through a host of single, career and training modes to perfect your boxing style. Fighters can also be heavily customized, including hairstyle, boots, tattoos, and more.

Each opponent is supposed to offer a different style to take on, with real-time commentary, a “dynamic crowd,” and slow-motion replays that make fights feel cinematic.

“With the exception of the cardiovascular benefits or the threat of actual, physical pain, Real Boxing is exactly that – real boxing,” says Remi Koscielny, CEO, Vivid Games. “We’ve crammed everything fans love about the sport of boxing into the Vita, making it one of the most comprehensive sports titles available for the system. We cannot wait to throw our hat into the ring this August.”

Real Boxing is set to release this August worldwide to the PS Vita. For a taste of the punches to come, check out the screenshots below.