Real-Time Strategy Game Ancestors Gets Explosive New Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Real-Time Strategy Game Ancestors Gets Explosive New Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Ancestors, the upcoming real time strategy game from developer Destructive Creations, received its first gameplay reveal trailer.

Today publisher 1C Company and developer Destructive Creations released the first ever gameplay reveal trailer for its upcoming real time strategy game Ancestors. The new trailer, which can be seen below, shows off unaltered gameplay footage from the PC build in its current state played using a controller.

The gameplay trailer, which clocks in at 1 minute and 27 seconds shows off some pretty intense battles that players can look forward to when the game officially launches. Whats interesting about the trailer is that the gameplay is shown with someone using a controller. There has always been a debate in the RTS world on why controllers aren’t good control options for the type of gameplay these games require. However, it appears that the developers have found a great way to integrate controller support without compromising the gameplay elements of a real time strategy game.

Ancestors uses the Unreal Engine 4 to power its massive battles and based off of the video it appears the developers have done a good job of utilzing the engine for their game. When Ancestors launches it will feature four playable nations in single player campaign inspired by real historical events. The game will also launch with a multiplayer component.

For more information about Ancestors, you can visit the game’s Steam page or the official website. Currently there is no scheduled release date for the game, but the game’s Steam page says it is “coming soon.” Ancestors is also scheduled to release on Xbox One.