Realm Royale Developer CEO Calls on PlayStation to Enable Crossplay for All Games

Realm Royale Developer CEO Calls on PlayStation to Enable Crossplay for All Games

The CEO of Realm Royale and its development studio took to Twitter to voice his concerns with Sony not allowing crossplay for all games.

It has been a widely known issue the last year or so that Sony has been difficult to work with when it comes to allowing crossplay between other consoles and the PS4. Fortnite was the first title to break through the barrier when Sony announced a beta program that allowed players to play with each other across all platforms which include PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, MAC, and even mobile. Last month, Rocket League was the next title that Sony allowed to play nicely with all other systems. Now, it seems that more developers, including the CEO and President of Realm Royale and Hi-Rez Studios, are pushing for their titles to become cross-play compatible with the PS4.

The CEO took to Twitter yesterday to have his voice heard. He stated that Sony needs to stop playing favorites and to tear down the crossplay/progression wall for all developers and games. He noted that Smite, Paladins, and Realm Royale are all ready to go whenever they lift the barrier. He even included a YouTube link to Ronald Reagan’s iconic “Mr. Gorbachev – tear down this wall” speech, which I thought was a funny and nice touch.

If any of the three games listed above were to become crossplay/progression compatible, then that would bring the number of games with that feature up to a whopping three with Fortnite and Rocket League being the other two. Of course there are other games that can be played with PC players on PS4, however, those two are the only titles that are able to play with Xbox One and Switch Players as well.

Personally, I have always been an advocate for crossplay and progression. If companies are actually about creating an experience for “the gamers” then they would make consumer-friendly moves such as Microsoft has been doing for the last couple years. I think that what really separates console sales is the exclusives that are offered on each platform. Even if Sony was to allow cross-play and progression for every single game on the market, then they would still be dominating the industry when it comes to console sales because of the plethora of fantastic exclusive games they have on the PS4.