Realm Royale Beta on Consoles Adds Founder’s Pack

Realm Royale Beta on Consoles Adds Founder’s Pack

The beta for Realm Royale is moving forward for console players, giving console players access to the Founder's Pack and releasing a new trailer.

Heroic Leap Games, one of the studios that spun out of Hi-Rez Studios, has been relatively quiet about Realm Royale during the game’s closed beta. The studio has committed to updating their aspiring Fortnite and PUBG competitor in announcing the Founder’s Pack for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game’s beta.

This Founder’s Pack comes with a cosmetics bundle, with customized cosmetics like chickens and horse mounts matching the color of the player’s respective platforms (blue for PS4, green for Xbox One). The Pack will also come with an emote, a spray, and an avatar for Realm Royale players to flaunt.

During the closed beta, crossplay between PC and Xbox One will be possible—the PS4 will not be included as of yet, with only Fortnite testing the waters for cross-platform play at the moment. Describing their commitment to updating the game, Heroic Leap Games mentioned in a press release that they will add PvE monster fights and in-game objectives to Realm Royale, apparently signaling that the game will evolve over time like other battle royale games.

Several of us at DualShockers have been testing out the beta, and some of our written impressions will come out sometime soon. Hopefully, more people will be able to try out Realm Royale soon to compare its offerings to those from similar games. That seems to be what Heroic Leap wants—purchasing the Founder’s Pack on PS4 or Xbox One will grant instant access to the closed beta.