Realpolitiks Will Brings Its Grand Strategy to the Mobile Screen in July

Realpolitiks Will Brings Its Grand Strategy to the Mobile Screen in July

Jujubee S.A. and 1C Company's grand strategy game, Realpolitiks is coming to mobile devices fully intact from the PC version.

It’s time to get your strategy on while on the go! Developer Jujubee S.A. has announced that its grand strategy title, Realpolitiks, will be coming to iOS and Android devices in July 2017.

According to the company, this release will mark the first time that a full-on, real-time grand strategy experience will be available for mobile devices. CEO of Jujubee S.A. Michał Stępień says that it was important for Realpoliticks to remain a complete experience for mobile users and that the mobile version also be appropriately optimized for the space.

“We want to point out that the game will retain all the gameplay elements of the game we have already seen in the desktop version, and it will differ from the PC version only by the interface perfectly suited for space of mobile screens – especially smartphones.”

Realpolitiks originally released for PC on February 16, 2017. The game allows players to become the leader of a modern country, ruling it under democracy, authoritarianism or totalitarianism to dominate the other nations. International crises, such as the disintigration of the European Union or even World War III may occur, and it will be up to players to decide how they are handled.

For more information on Realpolitiks, you can check out the developer’s official website. The game is currently available on Steam and is currently 30% off of the original price ($17.49 rather than the normally priced $24.99) as part of the Steam Summer Sale, which ends on July 5. It’s unclear what the game’s price will be when it releases on mobile devices.