FF14 Endwalker Reaper Class, Release Date Revealed on Fanfest Stream - How's the New Job's DPS Role?

FF14 Reaper class first details explained, release date revealed

Square Enix is holding the Final Fantasy XIV Festival 2021 online event this May 15 – 16 weekend, and the fanfest stream on the first day finally had a release date announcement for the FF14 Endwalker extension, and the reveal of the second new class, the Reaper job. The class was most notably introduced by YoshiP cosplaying the Reaper himself. We have the first details below.



FF14 Endwalker release date

MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC / PC / PS5 / PS4 / Mac, and the Endwalker extension is scheduled to release on November 23, 2021. Naoki Yoshida and Creative Business Unit III are also currently working on Final Fantasy 16.

New Reaper class: DPS Role, Death theme and concept, starting level

The Reaper is a melee DPS class coming to FF14 Endwalker. The brand new class is based around the concept of the personification of death often seen in western religions and myths, and looks quite ominous. Funnily enough, producer Naoki Yoshida entered the stage wearing a cosplay of the Reaper, and kept it during the whole showcase.

The Reaper uses a Scythe, a two-handed weapon. There are no required class to unlock the Reaper class, and its starting level is 70.

The Reaper is based around the concept of dynamic close-quarters combat. When in battle, players using the Reaper class can call upon an avatar from the void to join the fray, and can also serve as a host for the avatar, fusing together. The Job Quests are planned to start in Ul’Dah.

Reaper class gameplay

An introduction gameplay video for the Reaper class was also shared. It shows the class’ abilities in action, giving a good idea of how its gameplay feels like.

In otaku terms, you could basically describe the Reaper in FF14 as a class where you get to use Death from Castlevania as a JoJo stand.

FF14 Endwalker new full trailer (Japanese dub)

Moreover, the full version of the Endwalker announcement trailer was revealed by Square Enix. It’s much longer than the previous trailer, with multiple new scenes and cuts.

More details from the FF14 Digital Fanfest stream

Several other details were revealed on stream as well, as the announcement showcase of the FF14 Digital Fan Festival 2021 Day 1 is still ongoing as I’m writing this.

We were most notably introduced to new large-scale areas, new dungeons, new raids, new characters, the FF14 incarnation of the Magus Sisters, male Viera characters, and a new mount, the Arion. The new player hub city Old Sharlayan was also introduced.

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