Recap: Day One of Schwarzenegger vs. EMA

So how’s everyone recovering from the election? Hung over from the celebration? Still licking the wounds? Well, no matter what your political leanings may be, I assume that since you’re here, you love videogames. And if you love videogames, you have something to celebrate today.

Yesterday saw the start of a very important Supreme Court case, Schwarzenegger vs. EMA, to decide the constitutionality of a controversial California law that would outlaw the sale of violent games to kids. Rational people agree that this would be completely poisonous to the games industry, to say nothing of the egregious breach of the First Amendment. And fortunately for us, there are many rational judges currently sitting on the bench in Washington. The judges were very quick to put pressure on the prosecution, with some very scathing questions about why games should be restricted in a way that other media is not. Judge Sotomayor had this to say:

“One of the studies, the Anderson study, says that the effect of violence is the same for a Bugs Bunny episode as it is for a violent video,” adding, “so can the legislature now, because it has that study, say we can outlaw Bugs Bunny?”

Bottom line, things look good for our side of this case. It’s not over yet, not by any means, but the judges weren’t shy yesterday in expressing their opinions on the law right off the bat. For more information on the case, as well as a full transcript of yesterday’s proceedings, check out the ESA site.

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Danl Haas

Danl is a home-grown Minnesotan gamer, artist, and programmer. He loves rhythm games, RTS, and platformers. He loves building computers, too. His favorite games include Phoenix Wright, Dance Dance Revolution, and Katamari Damacy.

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