Recent Sony Survey Might Hint that “PlayStation Plus Bonus” Could Be Extended to New Countries

Recent Sony Survey Might Hint that “PlayStation Plus Bonus” Could Be Extended to New Countries

Yesterday a survey from Sony Computer Entertainment created quite a stir online, mentioning a few new features considered for the PlayStation Plus service. You can see a list below, courtesy of NeoGAF user Paganmoon.

  • Discounts on PS hardware and accessories, (controllers, and headsets)
  • Monthly PS+ contests with prizes
  • PS+ knowledge base (Forum for PS+ members)
  • Discounts on Sony products (TV’s, cameras, smartphones)
  • Discounts on lifestyle products (newspaper subscriptions, movie tickets, fast food, travel fare.
  • PS+ gaming tournaments with prizes.
  • Free movies every month.
  • Discounts on popular streaming services (Netflix, HBO Nordic, Spotify)

What not everyone knows is that something like that already exists, even if it’s limited to a few countries like Italy, where it’s named PlayStation Plus Bonus. We reported about it here on DualShockers about a year ago when it was implemented.

The PlayStation Plus Bonus service provides PlayStation Plus users with special benefits by accessing a dedicated website. The bonuses change every month, and this month it offers a 10€ discount on a popular hardware and appliances website, a €55 discount on Sony’s Micro HiFi CMT-X5CD, and a 10% discount on booking stays at the Best Western hotel chain.

Previous months offered discounts on quite a lot of different Sony products, flights, video streaming services, movie tickets and much more. Does it sound familiar? It probably does, because it covers many of the features described in the survey.

Back in May 2015, we interviewed PlayStation Italy General Manager Marco Saletta, who mentioned that the goal of PlayStation Plus Bonus was to provide subscribers with more content in order to keep them engaged and happy. He also explained that the results of the initiative were “very satisfying,” expressing his belief that a plan to extend it abroad would come soon.


Looking at the features offered by the survey, looks like that plan is finally taking shape, and possibly in an expanded fashion, offering more benefits more strictly linked with gamers.

Personally, as someone who lives in Italy, I found my PlayStation Plus Bonus benefits quite advantageous. Having further discounts and perks to look forward to every month is nice. I definitely don’t take advantage of all of them, but I’ve occasionally used the discounts, and spending less is always welcome.

The possibility of the perks extending to products closer to the PlayStation ecosystem would definitely make the offering stronger, as the other products offered by PlayStation Plus Bonus tend to be a little on the random side. This means that, at least for what I’m concerned, I’m able to take advantage of the offer only occasionally.

If the discounts were to include things like controllers and accessories, not only I would use the service’s perks more, but I’m sure it would be much better known among subscribers, and would serve as a better encouragement to subscribe and stay subscribed.

Of course, this is just my personal speculation, but while PlayStation Plus Bonus has been a nice, but limited perk so far, Sony might finally be able to pull it out of local testing and give it the spotlight and breadth it deserves.