Reco Love Developer Dingo Declares Bankruptcy

Reco Love Developer Dingo Declares Bankruptcy

Japanese developer Dingo ceases development activity and declares bankrupcy.

It’s a sad day for the Japanese gaming industry, as developer Dingo Inc. announced with a press release that it filed for bankruptcy, and will cease development activities.

Dingo’s latest title was Reco Love for PS Vita, following more titles like Photo Kano (PS Vita and PSP), multiple games of the Hatsune Miku series for PSP, and more. The studio was founded in 1998.

The press release blames a contraction of the console market, and the intensification of competition from other companies in the same industry. While the studio had multiple projects in development, a decline in sales caused a situation in which it was impossible to keep up with business expenses.

Due to that, the studio accumulated a total debt of approximately 340 million yen from about 100 creditors.