Record of Agarest War 2 Gets Naughtier with Move Support

Record of Agarest War 2 Gets Naughtier with Move Support


I kid you not, folks. Record of Agarest War 2 released today in Japan and, to celebrate the event, developer Compile Heart announced the game’s first patch which will add, most notably, PlayStation Move support. Now, you may be wondering what on earth you would use Move support for in a strategy RPG. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t think Sony’s glowing wand of pleasure would really fit in with the controls needed for a game of this type. But, let’s not forget, this is Compile Heart and this is most definitely not your typical, everyday strategy RPG.

No, Record of Agarest War 2 has many visual novel elements. Fine, I’ll just come right out and say it. You use the Move in the massage and bath house mini-games to…um…well…use your imagination. Another mini-game will also be coming with this patch that was built from the ground up with Move support in mind. I have no idea what it involves, but you can bet it’ll have something to do with mostly-undressed anime girls. More will come in this patch besides Move support – there will be more items and dungeons to explore, as well.

See, the Move can be used for something other than shooting arrows, swinging a golf club and putting a hole through your brand new 3D TV of yours. Leave it to a JRPG to come up with a completely outrageous way to use the device. I applaud you, Compile Heart. You are my hero.