Record of Agarest War 2 Is Happening

Record of Agarest War 2 Is Happening


There is a countdown on Compile Heart’s site, it is still counting down, however it is likely that the game it is counting down to was revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu. That game is the sequel to the underrated Record of Agarest War, which came out in North America only a little while ago. The sequel to this generational adventure boast some improvements over its predecessor, which it needed, to be honest. Here’s a quick, albeit vague, list of some of the changes listed in Famitsu for Record of Agarest War 2.

  • Battle system improvements include new skills and a special team attack for all your currently in-use party members to take part in.
  • An improved “active animation system” for facial expressions.
  • More events with the girls (can’t have too many of those, right?).
  • The girls themselves can take part in player-driven events, it isn’t just the protagonist anymore.

It looks like Record of Agarest War 2 will be coming to Japan later this year, so I wouldn’t expect a North American release until a year from now, if we’re being optimistic. Still, it is nice to know it will likely hop over the Pacific like its predecessor.