Record of Agarest War Mariage Comes to Steam Early 2019

Record of Agarest War Mariage Comes to Steam Early 2019

The Fantasy JRPG Record of Agarest War Mariage is coming to Steam early next year with a story that spans two generations.

A port of the PlayStation Portable JRPG Record of Agarest War Mariage is coming to Steam in early 2019. Originally unreleased in North America, the Steam post notes the game will come in English and Japanese subtitles, as well as Chinese.

The game’s story surrounds the protagonist, named Rain, who is tasked with defeating the Archdemon. Along the way, the protagonist meets up with “bachelorettes” and has an opportunity to grow a bond and affect the story. What’s interesting is that the game takes place during two different generations — wherein the first you choose a bachelorette and change the path of the story. The second generation, or the heir, inherits those abilities depending on the prior partner you choose.

The partner system appears to be a key feature in the game. Gradually you increase Rain’s bond with the partner you choose and earn a chance at unlocking new abilities and gear. Record of Agarest War Mariage also incorporates a class system where you decide if party members are attackers, defenders, healers, or supporters. I’m curious exactly to see how these classes all flesh out when the game releases.

No word on new additions or specifics on what is being enhanced or changed in the port. We will just have to see soon when the Steam page is created later on.

The last time this series has been brought up was way back in 2015 when Agarest: Generations of War 2 was released on Steam. From the look of PSP version of this game, it looks like your standard turn-based JRPG with some fantasy and romance elements. I’m sure we’ll have to see how the port turns out when Record of Agarest War Mariage drops next year.