ReCore Definitive Edition Rated by PEGI

2016's ReCore from Keiji Inafune and Armature Studio increasingly looks like it will be getting some type of definitive edition on Xbox One and PC.

August 7, 2017

Back in March, a rating by The German USK popped up relatively out of nowhere for ReCore Definitive Edition. The rating leak was quickly taken down, and no one ever really gave it too much thought ever again. I mean, how can a game with no DLC — and that was criticized for being an incomplete game when it initially launched last year — be getting a definitive edition?

But here we are again — a rating by the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) for ReCore Definitive Edition on both Xbox One and PC has surfaced.

As you may know, it was once said that new, extra content was coming to ReCore sometime in early 2017 in the form of a new bot and a new area, but well, early 2017 passed and said content never arrived. Thus it’s possible this new content will launch as part of some type of re-launch for the game (which really could use one), but calling that a definitive edition feels a bit off, at least to me personally.

As with any rating board leak, it’s best to take this with a smidgen of salt, however, it appears more and more likely that a ReCore Definitive Edition is on the horizon — the question is, what does a definitive edition of ReCore even look like?

For those that don’t know: ReCore is an action-adventure title (currently available on Xbox One and PC) developed by Armature Studio, helmed by the legendary creator Keiji Inafune.

In the game, you play as Joule Adams, who leads a band of robot companions as one of the last remaining humans on a planet controlled by robotic foes bent on your destruction. Forging friendships with your gang of robots and utilizing their unique abilities and powers, you will go on a journey to unlock secrets from the past and bring new life and hope to the desert world of Far Eden.

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