Red Dead Online Gets a Major Update with New Co-op Missions, Activities, Poker, and More

After several months in beta, Red Dead Online has officially launched with a new update that brings poker, co-op, and more to the table.

Since its official launch at the end of last year, Red Dead Online–the free multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2–has steadily given players a large array of missions, activities, and more to accomplish while roaming the Wild West. That said, Red Dead Online is now getting players ready for the next chapter with a host of new activities starting today, as the online mode’s beta period comes to a close.

Rockstar Games has announced that a major new update to Red Dead Online is now live across PS4 and Xbox One, with the update bringing a ton of new components and features to players starting today. The new update also effectively is bringing the end of the beta period to Red Dead Online, with Rockstar’s post detailing what the future has in store for the multiplayer mode in the coming months.

One of the biggest new additions to Red Dead Online as detailed by Rockstar are several new co-op missions in A Land of Opportunities, which will expand on the revenge story of Jessica LeClerk, with two different paths for players to explore while taking on missions together. Along with the co-op missions, new Free Roam missions have been added that will bring players a number of new and diverse tasks out in the open-world, along with three new Posse Versus Challenges featuring competitive fishing, bird shooting, and herb picking.

The new update also brings with it the chance for players to play poker in various towns and outposts in the world of Red Dead Online, which can be played either in public matches with other players or private, invite-only games with friends.

Outside of the new content being added to Red Dead Online, one of the more substantial new additions in the latest update is a new system of player styles that allows players to decide how they want to interact with others inside Red Dead Online‘s world. Specifically, those two styles break down into “Offensive” and “Defensive,” where Offensive players will be able to freely engage in conflicts with players at their will, while the Defensive style gives players the chance to explore the world without as many interruptions from combat.

Rockstar also highlighted that while this update brings with it a substantial amount of new changes to Red Dead Online, more improvements and new features are on their way in the coming weeks and months for players. Among the new features will include new Free Roam Missions, clothing items, and gameplay modes later this month. Likewise, this summer will also see more substantial updates, including a new feature that will allow players to take on different roles–such as a bounty hunter, collector, or trader–and expand their gameplay (and roleplaying) options in the world of Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, with Red Dead Online included as part of the package. For a closer look at the new update, you can watch the trailer below and check out several new screenshots:

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