Red Dead Online’s Pianists Get Festive as Rockstar Patches in Christmas Themed Diegetic Music

Red Dead Online’s Pianists Get Festive as Rockstar Patches in Christmas Themed Diegetic Music

Red Dead Online doesn't offer you a chance to ride a reindeer, but you can listen to Christmas music while getting wasted at the bar.

Jingle bells, Dutch smells, Lenny downed a beer, and yesterday Rockstar issued an update to Red Dead Online that brings a touch of festivity to the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2. No, sadly there are no Santa hats or mountable reindeer, but it’s actually a delicate touch that breathes some more life into the thriving world.

As Reddit user, SkeptaPurple discovered, a pianist in a saloon somewhere began to playing a Christmas themed song which you can find in the embedded Reddit post right below. After going through the comments it became apparent that this isn’t just an isolated pianist, other users took to the comments to announce that they had found other pianists playing other Christmassy songs in different towns. Here’s SkeptaPurple’s video.

TIL that although there isn’t snow all over the map, the pianists have found a way to show their festive spirit from r/reddeadredemption

Wise-Pig jumped onto the Reddit thread to state that they had discovered a pianist in Red Dead Online at Saint-Denis playing Silent Night. However, it isn’t just pianists that have gotten festive and two users on the Reddit post commented that they’ve found other musicians in the world playing Christmas tunes. CheeseForPeas claims to have found a guy in Rhodes playing festive music on the banjo, while Son-of-a-Pete mentioned that they found someone in Blackwater using a guitar to spread the Christmas cheer.

Additionally, people have also taken to Twitter to show off their videos of Red Dead Online’s pianists getting the cowboys in the festive spirit.


Have you jumped onto Red Dead Online and found any more Christmas festivities? I’m hoping to jump on later and see if there are any carol singers. Red Dead Online got an update on December 14 announcing that players will be getting Gold Bars gifted to them after the first wave of Gold Bars were handed out in a previous update. You have until December 20 to log in for a chance to grab another 15 Gold Bars as a token of thanks for participating in the beta.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for Xbox One and PS4, and if you’re interested in grabbing it you can do so on Amazon.

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