Red Dead Online Leak Reveals “Army of Fear” Zombie Update

Red Dead Online Leak Reveals “Army of Fear” Zombie Update

Zombies may be headed to the world of Red Dead Online for a Halloween event.

Red Dead Redemption 2 received rave reviews when it came out in 2018, but the Red Dead Online mode that released in the following year has been met with some dissatisfaction. However, that dissatisfaction might be turning to excitement soon with the most recent leak for the next Red Dead Online update. YouTube channel Red Dead Guides has discovered 48 zombie character models in the game’s files that are linked to a limited-time Halloween event.

The video shows off 29 male zombie variants and 19 female variants as well as audio files linked to a game mode titled “fear of us” discovered by Twitter user @MuzTuber.

The characters don’t look too scary when they’re put in the light though. In the midsection of the video, they’re shown standing shoulder to shoulder during the daylight and they look pretty tame as far as zombies go. In fact, other than their gray, sickly-looking skin, matted hair, and sunken eyes, they don’t look so bad.

It’s unclear right now what exactly the update will be, but if a zombie mode is coming, hopefully, it will be met with the same praise that Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare received back in 2010 when it released.

If the update has a story worthy of the Red Dead name, then fans will most likely be pleased. However, since the update is for Red Dead Online and not the base Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s unclear how much story content would be added.

Additionally, if it’s truly a limited-time event then it might just be a new game mode or simply an update that turns most NPCs into zombies for the month of October and through Halloween.

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