Red Dead Online: Moonshiners Lets You Pursue a Life of Booze Running

Red Dead Online gets a whiskey-flavored injection of content today with the Moonshiner skill path that lets players run their very own distillery.

By Ricky Frech

December 13, 2019

Rockstar Games continues to slowly but surely flesh out the barren Wild West that is Red Dead Redemption 2′s online mode. Similarly to what they did with Grand Theft Auto 5, what started as basically nothing as been crawling toward something people want to play over the last year. It’s still nowhere near what GTAV has become, but the additions – particularly the new skill pursuits – have made it a much more attractive package. Today, Rockstar has put the Moonshiner skill into the game. So, if you have dreams of living like a prohibition-era booze runner, well I have great news for you. Give Rockstar’s latest trailer a watch below.

Moonshiners is a new branch of the Trader skills and will let you establish your first business outside of your camp. Once you get set up with renowned bootlegger Maggie Fike, you’ll get access to your very own Shack that serves as your base of operations. Moonshiners will, of course, need to find ways to source their booze and sell their products. However, the most successful moonshiners will know their market and ensure their fledgling brewery is selling the right stuff at the right time.

Alongside the new update comes the second version of the Outlaw Pass. This is your standard battle pass with 100 ranks of cosmetic rewards and XP boosts. There’s also a free pass that you gives you lesser rewards, for what that’s worth. Even though I’ll likely never find the time to really engage with Red Dead Online’s growing content offerings, I’m glad that Rockstar has continued to expand on the dismal launch. Hopefully, the team continues to boost the content moving forward and making this the best cowboy sim it can be.

Red Dead Online: Moonshiners is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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