Red Dead Online Welcomes The New Year With Free Booze

Red Dead Online Welcomes The New Year With Free Booze

Ride into the new year guns a-blazing.

It’s a new year in the wild west of Red Dead Online, and Rockstar is celebrating with discounts and free offers for players. Sadly, there won’t be any cowboy fireworks to shoot off, but players will be able to get their cowpoke absolutely wasted on free whisky and beer.

Starting off with free libations, players can get as many drinks as they want from local saloons all week long. Sure, the menus aren’t varied, but is anyone really that picky after 2020? Drink up, do a jig, and try not to end up face down in the horse trough. While you’re at it, might as well get a cut and a shave too. Until January 11, players can head to a barber and get their ‘do done for free. If your character needs a more serious makeover, the cost of changing their appearance is also currently halved.

Past the superficial offers, there are plenty of reasons to log onto Red Dead Online this week. Players will earn 50% more from any naturalist sample sales and 30% more from selling sets of collector items. Those trying to save a buck instead of earn one can head to any shop for discounts. All ammunition is 60% off, food is 50% off, hose equipment is 40% off, and revolvers and stable stalls are 30% off.

Finally, there are some extra offers for anyone with a Prime Gaming account linked to their Rockstar account. Those players will receive rewards for a free bounty hunter license and a free livery for bounty hunter wagons. Additionally, those that link their accounts before January 18 will receive a free ability card upgrade and an offer for 50% off a weapon pamphlet.

Now is admittedly a great time to get into Red Dead Online. Although the game’s latest update nerfed rewards for gold, the game’s premium currency, this week’s offers are more than attractive. That, plus the game’s new standalone cost of just $5, makes it easy to hop right into Red Dead Online and get to some of its best content.