Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Launch Trailer is Here, and It Sure is Pretty

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC has more pixels than you can shake a cattle prod at.

Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to PC next week after a year of rumors and teases. Rockstar’s latest was a technical marvel on consoles. This means expectations are running high about what the studio can deliver with the added horsepower of high-end PCs. Today, we got another great look at what’s in store with the new launch trailer. Give it a watch below and when you’ve wiped the drool off your shirt, join me below for some more thoughts.

It’s interesting that Rockstar would choose to show off Guarma in the launch trailer. Your crew’s “vacation” to the island wasn’t really known before the game originally released. So, while it’s likely most people know about the trip at this point, it’s still a little weird to have it in a trailer. Guarma didn’t have the impact that John Marston’s trip to Mexico did in the first game. However, it was a neat visual change of pace.

Of course, the real talking point here is how good the game looks, not a spoiler for a game that came out last year. As we’ve seen before, this PC port looks magnificent. That smooth frame rate is really going to make this game pop. If you waiting to pick Red Dead up until now, I can’t say you made a bad choice. All of those visuals do come at a price, though. The download for RDR2 is a massive 150 GBs. If, like me, you have a data cap, well, I hope you weren’t planning to download many other games this month.

As ever, you can pre-purchase and pre-load Red Dead  Redemption 2 now on PC. For doing so, you’ll get access to a host of extra content like 50 gold bars for Red Dead Online and a shiny, new horsey. The game will properly launch on November 5.

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