Red Dead Redemption 2 Voice Actor Wasn't Told What Game He Was Working on at First

Rockstar Games is so secretive that they didn't even tell voice actors working on Red Dead Redemption 2 what the project was initially.

Rockstar Games is one of the most secretive developers in the gaming industry with word on what they’re making rarely getting out. In fact, the studio is so secretive that even those working on their most recent project, Red Dead Redemption 2, had no idea initially what the game in question even was.

In a new conversation with Eurogamer, Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor Gabriel Sloyer talked about his time working on the open world western title and said that when he was first brought aboard to portray Javier Escuella, he didn’t even know what the game was because Rockstar wouldn’t tell. Sloyer began doing voiceover work for the game back in 2013 and said that even though he was kept in the dark, it didn’t take long to realize what the game was. “At that moment I did not know who I was playing,” Sloyer explained. “I worked it out in the first couple of months, for sure. We knew because of the boots, and because of the language we were in a Western. And it doesn’t take a genius… eventually we were like, well, what Western does Rockstar do?”

Sloyer went on to explain that he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone he knew what it is that he was working on. “Rockstar does a great job of keeping things secret. You can’t tell your girlfriend or anyone what you’re working on. And it’s five years!” he told Eurogamer.

So next time you wonder how Rockstar Games keeps things hidden for so long ahead of a reveal, now you can remember that they often don’t even tell those who are directly working on their games what exactly the project is for. As Sloyer points out, it doesn’t take a genius to realize what they’ll be working on–Grand Theft Auto VI has to be in the pipeline–but it continues to prove just how tight of a ship that Rockstar runs.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now on both PS4 and Xbox One.

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