Red Dead Redemption “Free Roam” Multiplayer Trailer = Ridonculous

on April 8, 2010 1:53 PM

Red Dead Redemption

The great folks at Rockstar Games have decided to bless us all on this mighty fine Thursday, by dropping off a brand spanking new multiplayer trailer for Red Dead Redemption. The video showcases the “Free Roam” aspect of multiplayer in the upcoming wild west saga. After watching the trailer, I quickly realized that I will probably be all set on multiplayer titles for a while as this looks like it will be one of the most ambitious online games of the year.

The funny thing about this is, is that Rockstar didn’t even mention a peep about this at PAX East. I mean they didn’t even let Al access the pause menu. Make’s me wonder what else is up their sleeves! Make sure to check out the clip below!

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