Red Dead Redemption Will Get 4 DLC Packs Adding Characters, Liars Dice Online, Zombies, + More

Cowboys, the Legends and Killers DLC pack is coming! If you’ve been enjoying tying people to train tracks and popping off during the standoffs in Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the additional content to that game-play experience is on its way. Fans of the original title Red Dead Revolver (for Xbox and PlayStation 2) will be pleased to know that 8 Red Dead Revolver characters are making their return to the Red Dead universe, along with 9 new multi-player maps.

In addition to this players will also be able to use a new projectile-based weapon in the game called the Tomahawk to complete new challenges online and otherwise. Of course, new trophies and achievements will be added to the game as well. Legends and Killers is hitting early this August and is the first of a series of downloadable content to be released by Rockstar over the coming months. Legends and Killers will debut for $9.99/800 MS Points. Read on for the details on the other three downloadable content packs coming to PSN Store and Xbox Live Marketplace soon.

Liars and Cheats

In Liars and Cheats gamers will be able to tear it up with new competitive modes Attack and Defend, Horse Races (complete with combat and all) as well as finally take Liars Dice and Poker online. Bring a new face to the game as well with even more characters from Red Dead Redemption including the good, the bad, and possibly even the straight-up ugly. Another new weapon will hit with this DLC called the Explosive Rifle. For all of the new content there will be new challenges and achievements/trophies. The price has been set for this DLC pack at $9.99/800 MS Points.

Free Roam Pack

For those of you addicted to running through Free Roam mode in Red Dead Redemption with your buddies, you’re in luck because that experience is about to get enhanced. In the third DLC pack, titled the Free Roam Pack, new action spots will be added in addition to posse scoring, leader-boards, more challenges and more gang hideouts. There will even be a new way to prevent “griefing” when Free Roam Pack releases. The price and date of this DLC have yet to be determined.

Undead Nightmare Pack

Finally, last but certainly not least is the Undead Nightmare Pack heading to PSN and Xbox Live stores on an undisclosed date and breathing new life into the ghost times and cemeteries in Red Dead Redemption. Playing as one of the new 8 zombie characters in multi-player is a great and funny way to enhance your game-play, but that’s not all you can do with the Undead Nightmare Pack. New dynamic events will be added to the game that will likely include a brush with some of the nastiest creatures/humans you’ve seen in the game thus far. To top it all off get your game on in new adventure content, challenges, and quests. The price point of this pack has been confirmed at $9.99/800 MS Points, so if this is really what you want out of your Red Dead Redemption game you might want to be picky about picking up the other packs and keep a ten spot aside for this one.

Stay tuned to DualShockers as we reveal the remaining mystery behind each of these downloadable content packs and we hope to see you all firing off in the comments section about what you think of all this additional content being added.

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