Red Dead Referendum Gameplay Video

on February 5, 2010 12:02 AM

Rockstar Games has released a video detailing the exclusive GameStop pre-order event for Red Dead Redemption, where you the gamer vote for which exclusive outfit for John Marston will be included as a bonus for pre-ordering the game from GameStop. Fans can choose between 3 outfits that include different advantages. The Savvy Merchant outfit will allow players to buy guns and ammo from any merchant for half-price. The Deadley Assassin outfit regenerates “Dead Eye” targeting twice as fast. And last but not least, The Expert Hunter outfit gives gamers double the amount of skins and hides from hunting. All 3 will be unlockable in the game, but only one will be selected as the pre-order bonus. Gamers can cast their vote at once a day until February 17th. So check out the video below and get out there and vote for your favorite outfit.

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