Red Faction: Origins Movie Coming to SyFy Channel Next Year

on July 19, 2010 10:50 AM

Red Faction: Origins Movie Coming to SyFy Channel Next Year

If you want to experience some badass coup d’état-ish action and haven’t played Red Faction, you need to do yourself the favor and play the game. It’s one of those games that has a strong message imbued into it. and definitely one of those games that you will no doubt enjoy as you kick the crap out of the baddies and work your way toward freedom. If you’re a fan of the series, then you’ll no doubt love to know that the SyFy channel will be airing a live-action Red Faction movie titled Red Faction: Origins, which will be airing March 2011 for the entire month.

Due to release with Red Faction: Armageddon, the two-hour “pilot” movie (which means that if the series does well, they’ll make a series out of it) takes place between Guerrilla and Armageddon, focusing on Alec Mason’s last surviving son Jake, who fights against a new human army dedicated to destroying the Red Faction. Yum!

Hoping that, for once, a “game-to-movie” does well, Red Faction is definitely a franchise with a lot to work with. Being the nerd that I am, you can expect me to probably record this movie on my DVR and watch it repeatedly while stuffing my face with kettle corn and mass amounts of Sunkist. I love orange soda.

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