Red Game Without Great Name Vita Trophies Changed from Steam Achievements

on December 13, 2015 11:29 AM

Recently released on Steam, Red Game Without Great Name is also making its way to the PlayStation Vita sometime this month. Trophy data site Exophase recently updated their site with a trophy listing for this game, which contains less achievements than the Steam version and some alterations in the descriptions.

The easier achievements have been removed, such as completing the first level, while the toughest ones remain, such as “Finish All Levels Flawless” which currently has a 0% player completion rating on Steam.

Some other achievements were altered when transferred to the PlayStation Trophy version. “Finish All Levels with 3 Gears” used to say “Gears of Delivery” but instead now states, “You’re the best of the best!” Finishing all the levels used to say “Delivery Legend” but instead now says “Bards sing of your deeds!” Finishing 40 of the 60 levels rewarded players with “Senior post office employee” but instead now has a descriptor of “You have five years of experience in the industry, eh?” Lastly finishing all levels flawless had “Flawless victory” on Steam but is now “Death fears you!” You can view the entire trophy list below.


  • Finish all levels flawless – Death fears you!
  • Die 5000 times overall – You make a Phoenix look bad


  • Finish all the levels – Bards sing of your deeds!
  • Finish all the levels with 3 gears – You’re the best of the best!


  • Finish 30 levels with 3 gears – Don’t stop, you’re doing great!
  • Die 50 times in a single level – I would have given up long ago…
  • Finish 30 levels with no deaths – The valiant never taste of death
  • Finish 30 levels flawless – Nothing can hold you back!
  • Finish 40 levels – You have five years of experience in the industry, eh?


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