REDkit Releasing in 2013, Free for Owners of The Witcher 2

REDkit Releasing in 2013, Free for Owners of The Witcher 2

During its ‘Special Event’ in Warsaw, CD Projekt RED revealed that its REDkit modding tool will be available in the first half of 2013, free of charge for owners of The Witcher 2.

CD Projekt Red recently hand-picked one hundred modders to take part in a closed beta which will refine the REDkit before its public release.

A short demonstration of the REDkit was also shown off during the ‘Special Event’ which can be viewed below, along with the press release detailing the news.

Press Release

The REDkit toolset will be available in the first half of 2013 for free and to everyone who owns a copy of The Witcher 2. Currently, the REDkit is in the Closed Beta phase. During the conference, over 100 modding teams selected from a pool of over 600 squads were given access to it. These modders will assist in the development and perfection of the tools and the game engine itself.

REDkit is a unique development tool that allows any player to create a “living world” with the use of advanced landscape design tools, 24-hour day-and-night-cycle simulations and thousands of ready-made assets used in The Witcher 2. It also makes it possible to modify the original game, a great opportunity for the modding community.

CD Projekt RED is known for their non-linear RPGs, and that’s the strength of REDkit. From the very beginning, it was designed to support the creation of complex, non-linear adventures. The creation process is further facilitated by tools for community generation or dialogue editing, which allow for the creation of impressive, movie-style dialogue scenes.

“REDkit is a fresh approach to RPG creation. No other tool makes it so easy to create adventures where the player’s choices actually matter,” said Paweł Panasiuk, developer on the REDkit team.