In Honor of Reggie's Retirement, Here are the Best Memes He's Given Us

The legacy of Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime extends far beyond sales and leading the Big N.

By Max Roberts

February 21, 2019

Reggie Fils-Aime announced today that he will be retiring in April. While Reggie has spent nearly 13 years as Nintendo of America’s President, he has given the gaming community more than leadership of Nintendo through the Wii era, Wii U, and now the beginning of the Switch. Reggie is known for blessing the Internet with memes out the wazoo.

In honor of the legend himself, let’s take a look back at the memes, GIFs, and catch phrases that Reggie has helped shape to this day.

First appearance at E3 2004

It all started with his introduction to the press and public at E3 2004. His stage presence and ability to read a teleprompter would develop over time, but his attitude was clear from the outset. Appearing during the middle of the GameCube’s lifecycle, Reggie was a clear force to be reckoned with. He was ready to sell GameCubes and kicks ass, and he was all out of GameCubes.

Kick Your Ass

Speaking of kicking ass, Reggie isn’t afraid to throw down the gauntlet. At the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Invitational during E3 2014, prominent Smash Bros. Melee player HungryBox asked to throw down with the head honcho of the Big N. Reggie may have turned down the challenge in the moment, but did say he would master Smash on the 3DS and beat HungryBox next time.

Fighting Iwata

Reggie’s Smash training probably began in earnest when he battled the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. The battle was fierce. Goku himself watches it to this day to learn from the masters. No recorded battle has displayed such speed, technique, and grit. May Reggie’s training never end.

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Puppet Workout

E3 2015 saw Reggie take on a new form. Puppet Master Reggie tried to channel the main man’s incredible strength and prowess into mere fabric and stuffing. The gig worked (even though I’m sure our Editor-in-Chief Lou has nightmares to this day). From transforming into evenyone’s favorite bird with a Boston accent to busting a righteous move with a power star, may E3 2015 Reggie never be forgotten.


Giving The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror a run for its money, Mega64 partnered with Nintendo to reveal a series of E3 2014 plans. The Fils-a-Mech was born! Giving the president more power than ever with laser eyes and fantastic sunglasses, this video birthed a mighty meme for Reggie.

I feel like a Purple Pikmin

Short and sweet is this gem. During E3 2012, Reggie took the stage during Pikmin 3‘s reveal and claimed he felt like the series’ thicc pikmin. Reggie was never looked at the same again. Just like the clip itself, this chunk will be short and sweet.

Reggie’s Love for French Food

What kind of French cuisine? French toast? French fries? French baguette? A Wii? Ratatouille? The world may never know what kind of French food the zombie version of Reggie likes, but this clip is arguably the best use of the Wii U GamePad’s camera. All hail the GamePad camera!

Bowser Burning Reggie Alive

For the day Bowser would destroy Reggie was foretold. During the E3 2010 promo for the 3DS with now 74+ million units sold worldwide in just nine years time. After experiencing the aftermath of the power of the 3DS, Reggie cackles at Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto being trapped inside with Bowser. The Koopa King emerges in 3D and burns our sweet president alive. Now, Doug Bowser will take the regins of Nintendo of America. The prophecy has been fulfilled.

Bill! Bill!

As a part of a series detailing a very important meeting at Nintendo, various Yo-Kai possesses different members of Nintendo’s staff. While Bill Trinen may have been possessed in this clip, Reggie’s reaction to the consumption of donuts is timeless. May his pitch ever increase when donuts are consumed.

Bustin’ a Move!

Continuing with the very important meeting, Reggie succumbs to the power of the Yo-Kai and demonstrates his dance mastery. This just proves that Reggie is master at all he attempts. There is no equal on the dance floor. Maybe in retirement he can be on Dancing with the Stars or shakedown with Jimmy Fallon on a late night show/YouTube channel.

The Game Is Fun

Reggie preaching truth over here.

What’s Wrong With You


Robot Chicken

E3 2014 blessed the web with Robot Chicken Reggie. From burning the Mother 3 journalist to “going Reggie,” the spirit of Reggie has never been better represented in stop-motion. As of this writing, Mother 3 is still not out in the West. Rumor has it that Reggie has the only copy of Mother 3 officially translated for the West locked in a vault under his desk.

My body is ready

Here it is. The pièce de résistance of Reggie’s career. All else fades away in the light of this clip’s majesty. Peak Wii era equals peak Reggie. This meme would go on to stick with Reggie for the rest of his time at Nintendo and surely will follow him forever. We thank you for your readiness Reggie. It will never be forgotten.

What is a legacy? Is it releasing game’s for all the world to see? Reggie made decisions at the end of his presidency someone else will do. Nintendo of America, you great titan of industry, you were always a part of me. You let me make a difference. A company where even a son of immigrants can become a meme and ascend Twitter culture.

Thanks Reggie Fils-Aime. We will never forget you. Enjoy retirement and may your body always be ready.

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