Reggie Gives Kudos to PS4 and Xbox One, then Calls them “Pretty Hardware”, Says “You Need Games”

Reggie Gives Kudos to PS4 and Xbox One, then Calls them “Pretty Hardware”, Says “You Need Games”

During the VGX 2013 live show Nintendo of America honcho Reggie Fils-Aime walked on stage to bring a demo of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and was asked quite bluntly his opinion on the PS4 and Xbox One.

His response was quite mild at the beginning, congratulating the rivals for their launch, but right after he threw down the gauntlet of challenge.

This industry loves brand new hardware and anything that’s good for the industry is good for Nintendo, so you know, they’re having a fantastic launch, kudos to them.

This industry is all about what happens six months down the road, what happens a year down the road.

Host Joel McHale immediately tried to egg him on, asking “So you’re here to kick their ass?” Reggie kept his cool, but didn’t hesitate to throw a few jabs, expressing his opinion on Nintendo’s strong position on the market.

You know? You said that.

For us, what we love to do is to bring great new games, innovative gameplay, that’s what Nintendo’s known for, and as long as we do that, we’re gonna drive our hardware business. We’re seeing that right now with 3DS and we’re seeing it right now with Wii U as well, on the backs of Super Mario 3D world.

3D World is doing quite well here in this market, so that’s wonderful to see. We love to see all the articles that have come out saying that for this holiday Wii U is the system to get. That’s come out by Times, by Forbes and a variety of different outlets

What people recognize is that having pretty hardware is one thing, but you need games, and right now we’ve got some of the top rated games on our system, and it’s games that you can’t play anywhere else, so yeah, we’re feeling very good about where we are.

That’s what you call fighting words. We’ll have to see if they’ll turn into reality, but the gauntlet of challenge has been thrown down. Will Sony and Microsoft pick it up?