Town-Building 2D RPG Regions of Ruin Launches into Early Access

Town-Building 2D RPG Regions of Ruin Launches into Early Access

Poysky Productions, Phangd, and Vox Games' 2D dwarven adventure Regions of Ruin is now available on Steam and Humble Store

It’s been a year in production, but Poysky Productions and Phangd have officially announced the Early Access release of developer Vox Games’ debut title, Regions of Ruin.

Regions of Ruin begins with the fall of the dwarven empire and encourages you to build a new settlement for the survival of your race. You will begin with the meager beginnings of a mere campfire but soon you will be on your way to re-establishing your people’s former glory.

In Regions of Ruin, you will be expected to crawl through dangerous dungeons, uncover powerful loot, and rebuild a dwarven settlement through 2D open world action. Learn more about the history of your people while defeating powerful bosses and rescuing those amongst you who have fallen to enslavement.

Regions of Ruin is currently available on the Humble Store and through Steam Early Access for PC and Mac. The game is available for 15% off its original price of $16.99 for a total of $14.44 on both stores as part of a special launch promotion. The promotion will only last until October 12, so if you want to get the game at a discount, now’s the time.

For more information on Regions of Ruin, you can visit its official website. Below is the Early Access trailer released for the game, briefly detailing some of its exploration and combat.