Reigns: Game of Thrones Gameplay Trailer Shows Familiar Faces

Reigns: Game of Thrones Gameplay Trailer Shows Familiar Faces

The power of the Seven Kingdoms comes to mobile and PC in Reigns: Game of Thrones featuring familiar faces from the TV show.

Even the most simple of motions can do a lot of damage in Reigns: Game of Thrones, a title where wars can be won or lost with a wave of your fingers.

Reigns: Game of Thrones is the spiritual successor to Nerial and Devolver Digital’s Reigns; a medieval-themed title which saw you impose your dominance through swiping the screen left or right. This time around we see a game of a similar style but with a Game of Thrones twist which features instantly recognizable characters from the incredibly popular franchise such as  Lord Tyrion, Queen Cersei, Sansa Stark, and Jon Snow.

The gameplay trailer below shows how the characters are presented in a style similar to that of a card game. Each approaches you with pleas or demands, forcing you to make difficult decisions which could carry with them grave consequences. Even something as simple as a tavern brawl could see your chances of survival becoming slimmer. Obliterate opposing armies with the power of Dracarys or engage in a spot of jousting against in-game characters.

Reigns: Game of Thrones promises to be the deepest title in the Reigns series to date. It will be available on October 18, 2018, for iOS, Android, and PC.