Relaxed Revitalization Sim, Cloud Gardens, Just Bloomed

These overgrown dioramas are part sandbox toy and part soothing puzzler.

By Rachel Heleva

September 3, 2021

Calling all plant parents—Cloud Gardens needs your help bringing order to its wild world. Play the game now on PC and Xbox X | S.

There’s something strangely beautiful about watching urban landscapes become claimed by nature. The recent release of Cloud Garden’s 1.0 version means that players can now lose themselves in such post-apocalyptic scenes.

In each of Cloud Garden’s abandoned settings players are given a mix of seeds and manufactured items to carefully balance. This chill gardening game was developed and published by Noio Games.

Planet of Lana – Reveal Trailer

Planet of Lana – Reveal Trailer

What’s this Cloud Gardens game all about?

The Cloud Gardens game came out of early access on September 1st with over 120 new items and 15 new levels.

This game is divided into six chapters robust chapters. Each chapter contains a campaign where the player must find the right balance between nature and man-made objects. Each of the game’s levels features intriguing settings such as abandoned warehouses, graveyards, and more.

This overgrown world also has a creative mode for players who just want to get creative in these environments without the pressure of a challenge. And for the artsy ones among us, there is also a photo mode for you to capture your perfectly crafted landscapes with.

Why You Should Have Your Head in the Clouds

There’s an intense satisfaction to be found in tidying things up with just the press of a button. But more than that, the chill environment

The ambient environment of Cloud Gardens is the perfect place to unwind at the end of a stressful day. This game takes you from one curated scene to the next without ever making you feel as if you are being hurried along.

If you’re interested in experiencing this lush world for yourself act now, the game is discounted on Steam until September 8, 2021.

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